The NYAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit youth sports organization serving the Northwestern Lehigh School District area, providing educational athletic opportunities that range from recreational to competitive for pre-school through high school aged boy
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Revised: 01/28/2015

A. Roster

  1. Age: Players may not turn 9 prior to May 1st of the current year.
  2. There is no limit to the number of players on a team roster.
  3. Players may not be on more than one NYAA roster unless approved by the NYAA baseball director.
  4. No additions may be made to a roster without the approval of the NYAA baseball director.

B. Field of Play

  1. Field dimensions
    • Home to 1st base 60'
    • 1st base to 2nd base 60'
    • 2nd base to 3rd base 60'
    • 3rd base to home plate 60'
    • Home plate to mound 44'
  2. An "On Deck" area should be identified and made known to all players. Only ONE player is allowed to be in the on deck area at a time.
  3. It is the responsibility of the HOME team to set up the field for play.
  4. It is the responsibility of the AWAY team to drag the field after a game.

C. Equipment

  1. Bats: No Restrictions
  2. Balls: Two new RIF 5 baseballs shall be provided by the home team for each game.
  3. Spikes: No metal spikes allowed.
  4. Helmets: Helmets must be worn at all times by the batter, on deck batter, and all runners.
  5. Catchers: A mask, helmet, chest protector, and shin pads must be worn by any player behind the plate at any time. A protective cup is strongly recommended for any player behind the plate.
  6. Uniforms: Shirts, hats, and socks will be provided by the NYAA. Players are required to wear full uniforms during games.  Pants can be purchased at time of registration or by the player at a later date after communicating with your coach.

D. Playing Rules

  1. Days, times, and field locations will be assigned by the NYAA. Any changes to the provided schedule must be approved by the NYAA.
  2. Games are considered official and complete after 3 innings of play. Incomplete games should be reported to the NYAA for cancellation or for rescheduling.
  3. All games will be a maximum of 6 innings.
    1. Early season games will be entirely “machine pitch”. If both coaches agree, “coach pitch” can be used in place of “machine pitch” innings.
    2. Approximately half way through the season, games will change over to both “machine/coach pitch” and player pitch.  This change and the number of innings of each can be determined by each coach or by the NYAA.  Determinations should be made based on skill, objectives, and common sense keeping safety of the players a priority.
  4. Each team shall bat the entire roster. There is a 10 batter maximum per inning. After the 10th batter the half inning is over. The batting order will resume in order the next half inning.
  5. Each team shall field 10 players on defense.
  6. Players may not sit out more than 2 defensive innings in any game.
  7. Coaches may be on the field or close to the plate during games. Coaches may stop the game at any time for instruction but may not participate in the play. A coach may not physically swing the bat for a player.
  8. There is NO... stealing, leading, bunting, or throwing of bats or helmets. Players should receive warnings for offences. Second offences shall be recorded as an out.
  9. Runners may not advance on overthrows or on passed balls.
  10. Runners may not advance after the ball reaches the infield when thrown from the outfield.
  11. The catch and carry rule is in effect. However, a player must return to the field of play before throwing the ball.
  12. A single player may not pitch more than two innings per game.
  13. There is a three walk limit per inning. After three walks the count on future batters should reset to zero balls after each strike. After 4 balls the coach should use the pitching-machine and complete the at bat.
  14. Any pitcher hitting three batters should be removed from the pitcher position for the remainder of the game.
  15. Balls and strikes should be called by a coach standing behind the pitcher or by a coach playing catcher.